Kisk – BHM #16

We crossed Kisk because of the Apparel Wax vinyl that we really love. So we asked him if he was up for a podcast and he delivered! We are very happy to have Kisk on the BHM Mix series! Listen and enjoy! 
01 Verner – Area
02 Sofa Talk – Paradigma (Yuri Shulgin Remix)
03 Nebraska – Aglio e Olio (Laurence Guy Remix)
04 LPM – Mirage (Mangabey Remix)
05 Loure – Needs
06 Loure – Mutual Motion
07 Saint Paul – A Hawaiian Trip
08 Apparel Wax – 002A2
09 Jan Ketel – Come Home
10 Kaffe Crème – I <3 U
11 Abe – Everything Was Neing Used Up
12 Moff & Torkin – Young Val Kilmer
13 Kerem Akdag – Friends

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Giuseppe D’Alessandro – aka Kisk – is the owner of Apparel Music, a label based in London but with multi-cultural roots.
Kisk started his DJ career in 1998. He explored a variety of genres, from trip hop to swing, passing through jungle, West London and Detroit house, to deep house, while never abandoning Jazz – the wildest and most impeccable of all – progressively building a digital project. Out of this came the concept of Jazzy, the ability to make jazz and electronic music communicate. This passion is also manifest in the Oneboy project – musical instruments played live to a DJ set. Kisk put this project together with writer Tatiana Carelli under the name Taji bpm. Oneboy performed at the 2007 Salone Del Mobile furniture show, at various national festivals and events and on an Italian tour in 2008. Also with Taji he created the Discokit® project, a kind of “sensory stimulation kit” – the dance club becomes ‘takeaway’ and enters the world of art with more than 60 events held over two years. The discography is varied and rich in international collaborations, starting with releases for Multivitamins, then for the PRO-TEZ, The Dub, Dabit, Serie Limitèe, Vibe Me Records and many others. 
In 2009, Giuseppe creates Apparel Music – a ‘kitchen’ of artists from all over the planet. Among the many partnerships are long-established collaborations in Russia with the duo SCSI-9 and in Germany with major artists like Lopazz, Elon, Chris Wood, Tom Clark, Ekkohaus as well as Delano Smith, Moodymanc, Domu, Tuccillo, Ali Kuru, Yapacc, Casio Casino, Sarp Yilmaz, Huxley, Lula Circus, Roy Gilles, Fog, Gavin Herlihy and the list goes on. In 2015 Kisk start a new collaboration with italian maestro Claudio Coccoluto and become the project manager of his label, the dub. In 2016 born Quartet Series, a fresh imprint, run by Kisk and Nachtbraker, with four vinyl releases in the pipeline, featuring four different artists and commissioned storyboard comics on the sleeve. In 2017 born the sub-label Apparel Tronic, co-founded with SCHiLLiNG.
The last years Kisk has perfomed in special parties like Fete De La Musique, Privat, Doc Show, Maximal, EDIT Fesival and legendary clubs like Fabric, Tresor, Amnesia, Fluid, Peter Pan, Bitte, Pergola Tribe, Link, Masada, Macao and many less known but equally important parties.


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