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We met with Rawdio for the first time in Berlin during our first Relationshop event. He came over from Belgium that weekend. Since then we have developed a friendship over time. Rawdio is the founder of House Cookin’ Records. The label is based in Belgium and has been pushing house since quite some time. Once the moment was right, we asked Rawdio if he was up for a mix, on which he agreed and delivered, vinyl only. 






1. Hideto Omura – Kunkel Strasse 
2. Oscar Barila & Sebb Junior – Sorry 
3. stevn.aint.leavn – Isn’t It 
4. Nick Beringer – Grey 
5. Chocky – Hingher Synth 
6. Portalis – Paris Groove
7. Coeo – Azzurro 
8. Mandar – Shrim
9. Paso – Idiocracy 
10. Cape – Point B 
11. Ale Castro & Deep Mariano – Hcmyum 
12. Housemates – Soul Value (Jersey Groove)

Driven by the underground sound of the 90’s, Rawdio brings his own take on the sounds of that era. His passion for the underground and the jazzy flavors, introduced back in the days by Larry Heard in house music, lift his productions to another level. Music isn’t just something you listen to as some background noise. It is his lifestyle, it is an experience and most of all a way to share love and positive vibes with the people experiencing the moment. For him it is all about living in the moment and sharing those feelings with the people who are there at that time, losing their selves for a moment in the music, sharing the energy of the moment. And to cherish that moment later as a great memory to look back on or to look forward to the next one.

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House Cookin’ Records
House Cookin’ explores the deeper sounds of House music and gives artists who deserve their place in the music industry an opportunity to release their music. 

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