Tobi Danton – BHM #21




1. Jojo On The Moon – Armless Kid
2. Rendezvous – 2XM
3. Clone – Alton Miller
4. Burdan In Leeds – Brawther
5. Ruffcut – Franck Roger
6. Be Yourself – Mike Sharon
7. Another Dub – Brawther
8. This Life – Paolo Rocco
9. Take – Demuja
10. String Theory – Mandar
11. Alpha Centauri – Black Loops
12. From the Valley – Route 8

Tobi Danton’s biggest passion is music. He is one of the rare DJs, who really knows where House Music comes from. Through his music, he perfectly combines the original raw Chicago House from the 1980s with today’s underground House. Influences from Jazz and Disco music top up his inimitable sound. In the year 2013, he founded the record label Rough Recordings & Rough Limited together with Daniel Napolitano and from now on they will release raw Chicago House.

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Rough Recordings
Rough Recordings is a german based record label that is specialized in underground club music.

The Rough Recordings philosophy is to focus on quality in aspects of the label, first and foremost in the music.

Rough Recordings Links
Soundcloud | Facebook | Website

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