Siggatunez – BHM #23


Our paths crossed all through music time after time. We somehow managed to dig some serious vinyl and a lot of times Siggatunez was the producer of those records. A music connection that we appreciate a lot! Siggatunez inspired us by his humbled and easy appearance, doing his own musical projects. One example is his label Tieffrequent. Another is his own mixing studio: Gwen torino (Link). We were more than happy to ask him for a podcast and he delivered! Check it!


01. Ugly Drums – B2 – Quintessentials
02. Makoto & Kez Ym – Chameleon 
03. Unknown – A (SSS10)
04. Nemoy & Djemeia – Counting Sheep (Lay-far RMX)
05. Stylus Heat – Disco King
06. Enzo Elia – Pan-A-Rocca
07. Jónbjörn – Seagate 
08. Urulu – Body Drum 
09. Saved My Life – Time Is Over (Dub) 
10. Intr0beatz – Dumpin
11. Black Loops & Innocent Soul – The Lady 
12. Thatmanmonkz – Imgettintiredofyou 
Download: Link

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Tieffrequent is a Vinyl label with a focus on house, deephouse and deepdisco music. It was founded by Siggatunez in Berlin in March 2013.

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