Thank you for visiting our website. We try our best to share nice House Music (and relatives). We also organize events sometimes but our actual goal is to find the current definition of House Music.

On Soundcloud we have our podcast series, to create a platform for artists to share their definition of House Music.
On Youtube, most of the music we upload is downloadable for free. This is our way of avoiding the system of “authorized music” and making music accessible for everyone.
On Instagram we chill, and we share the Vibes we are experiencing around that time.
On Facebook we try to guide House Music lovers to the right event.
In real life we collect vinyl. talk about music and dance a lot. Sometimes we organize events with the amazing people and artists we met through the journey.

We want to have a big reach to promote good music and support independent artists who feel left out by labels and such. So do not hesitate to send us a message. But please aware of who we are. Because it is a waste of time to send in Techno or Trap to a concept called Berlin House Music. 

For all inquiries including demo submissions, please send an email to BerlinHouseMusic [ at ]

Since we have a lot of incoming messages, we need some time to reply, so please be patient and don’t send a message to our socials saying that you have sent an email, that only increases our workload.