• Scott Diaz – BHM #17

    We very happy to welcome Scott Diaz to our Mix series! Amazed by his sound since a few years, we finally got in touch with him to play at our event Relationshop at Loftus Hall this Friday! It is Scott’s first time in Berlin and we are looking forward to see him play! He prepared

  • Kisk – BHM #16

    We crossed Kisk because of the Apparel Wax vinyl that we really love. So we asked him if he was up for a podcast and he delivered! We are very happy to have Kisk on the BHM Mix series! Listen and enjoy!  Track-list 01 Verner – Area 02 Sofa Talk – Paradigma (Yuri Shulgin Remix)

  • Elisa Elisa – BHM TLNT #11

    We spotted Elisa Elisa for the first time on Soundcloud. With such a Housy Soundcloud profile, we just could not let her go. She invited us to see her play at The Monkey Bar. We liked her style a lot and her personality is just warm and friendly. That was the reason for us to

  • Mown – BHM TLNT #10

    Finally we got our hands on a podcast from Mown. He is one of our trusted DJs in Berlin and he inspired us with his vinyl only style. He is a true example of a DJ/Producer who is only interested in music. He could not care less about followers or an online image. Pure Music.

  • Melina – BHM TLNT #9

    We are very happy to include Melina to our TLNT mix series. We crossed her at a party at Anita Berber and we were amazed by mixing skills and track selection. We took our chance to ask if she was willing to do a mix for BHM and she agreed and delivered! Check it out!

  • Relationshop II

    After a successful first edition of our new event series: Relationshop. We will be back at Loftus Hall at the first of June!  Event description -Relation “the way in which two or more people or things are connected.” -Shop “a building or part of a building where goods or services are sold.” Line-up – Scott Diaz ( Defected

  • Quadrakey – BHM #15

    Quadrakey were on our radar for a very long time, the two have been doing their thing for quite a while. Releasing music, playing vinyl and starting their own record label; Tooman Records. We got in touch quite some time ago and took our chance to ask them for a podcast. Unfortunately they were pretty

  • Raphael Kirsch – BHM TLNT #8

    Raphael, a fresh talent from Hamburg, currently based in Berlin. We first met him at one of our BHM Chilling Room editions at Repeat bar in Berlin. We talked about music and it didn’t take us long to admire his humbled and warm personality. We checked out his music and it perfectly represents what we

  • BHM TLNT #7 DJ With Soul

    DJ With Soul was on our radar for a while. The main reason for this is his dedication for Soulful House Music for years. Once we got in touch with him, we took our chance to ask him for a mix and he delivered a vinyl-only mix with Soulful House Music which we love! So

  • BHM TLNT #5 Helmut Cool

    Helmut Cool is an upcoming fresh talent in Berlin. We met hem at a party at Griessmuehle. And in our opinion, the best connections are made during good parties with good music. Because only then you know that you are on the same musical taste and experience.  We invited him to play at some parties