• Siggatunez – BHM #23

    Our paths crossed all through music time after time. We somehow managed to dig some serious vinyl and a lot of times Siggatunez was the producer of those records. A music connection that we appreciate a lot! Siggatunez inspired us by his humbled and easy appearance, doing his own musical projects. One example is his

  • COEO – BHM #22

    Track-list Coming soon <3 Download: Link Links COEO Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Resident Advisor 

  • Tobi Danton – BHM #21

      Track-list 1. Jojo On The Moon – Armless Kid 2. Rendezvous – 2XM 3. Clone – Alton Miller 4. Burdan In Leeds – Brawther 5. Ruffcut – Franck Roger 6. Be Yourself – Mike Sharon 7. Another Dub – Brawther 8. This Life – Paolo Rocco 9. Take – Demuja 10. String Theory –

  • Rawdio – BHM #20

    We met with Rawdio for the first time in Berlin during our first Relationshop event. He came over from Belgium that weekend. Since then we have developed a friendship over time. Rawdio is the founder of House Cookin’ Records. The label is based in Belgium and has been pushing house since quite some time. Once

  • Luvless – BHM #19

    A friend was playing at a bar, House music all night long. We were listening to one great House record after another. And then a super record came in, we asked what it was, he said Velours (Velours Records is the new label run by Luvless). And this is how we got to discover Luvless

  • M.ono – BHM #18

    We kept seeing M.ono on a lot of vinyl. At first we thought this might be Monotone Techno sounding music. But it appeared to be the opposite, the minute we actually started listening to the records. Warm housy sound, just the way we like it! And so we contacted M.ono for a mix and he

  • Scott Diaz – BHM #17

    We very happy to welcome Scott Diaz to our Mix series! Amazed by his sound since a few years, we finally got in touch with him to play at our event Relationshop at Loftus Hall this Friday! It is Scott’s first time in Berlin and we are looking forward to see him play! He prepared

  • Kisk – BHM #16

    We crossed Kisk because of the Apparel Wax vinyl that we really love. So we asked him if he was up for a podcast and he delivered! We are very happy to have Kisk on the BHM Mix series! Listen and enjoy!  Track-list 01 Verner РArea 02 Sofa Talk РParadigma (Yuri Shulgin Remix)

  • Quadrakey – BHM #15

    Quadrakey were on our radar for a very long time, the two have been doing their thing for quite a while. Releasing music, playing vinyl and starting their own record label; Tooman Records. We got in touch quite some time ago and took our chance to ask them for a podcast. Unfortunately they were pretty

  • BHM #14 – Delfonic

    For the 14th BHM Mix we are lucky to welcome Delfonic. He has inspired us with his musical taste, way of working, humbleness and being all there. He prepared a mix for us with his definition of House Music. But that is not the only thing we want to share here. We are also very

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